Our Managed IT Service plans are designed to help with inevitable IT costs and to help you minimize the downtime and other costs associated with emergencies. Often larger issues have warning signs that trained IT professionals can recognize and resolve in advance. Our service plans include:

Remote Helpdesk

We deliver specialized preventative help desk services that support your business from self-service support to remote support and diagnostics. Handling large volume calls, our help desk services take ownership of each and every contact. Our results are prompt, reliable and align with your standards and expectations. Thrive uses a very proactive approach, constantly reviewing all offerings via real-time monitoring tools and techniques. This will ensure quality and effectiveness of our services, reduces costs while enabling you to focus your own resources to core business functions.

IT Planning

Technology departments are consistently pressured to reduce costs, deliver products within short business cycles and deliver these same products with impeccable quality. Thrive understands that at times budget and staff restrictions can be an issue when completing these business initiatives. Thrive has helped clients of all sizes develop strategic blueprints to help overcome these technological roadblocks. The Thrive team always meets the business objectives of our clients with integrity and honesty at the highest satisfaction levels.

IT Analysis

Thrive will complete a full analysis of your current environment including servers, networks, firewalls and routers. This thorough analysis will expose any misconfigured, underutilized and unsecured devices. Thrive will identify where improvements are needed prior to doing any service.

  • Application Analysis. Thrive will analyze your current application use and future application needs to come up with a roadmap to help improve efficiencies and scalability. This analysis is performed with the consideration of reducing cost and increasing our clients' ROI.
  • Disaster Recovery/Risk Analysis. Thrive will analyze and perform a complete audit of your current backup and recovery solutions. A complete disaster recovery strategy needs to be in place in order to avoid downtime and ensure business continuity.

Office Relocations

Office relocation projects have many moving pieces, and we have the know-how to make your move a success. We deliver project management services that will ensure your project goes according to schedule with as little disruption as possible.

Our comprehensive office relocation package includes:

  • Providing recommendations for relocation timeline and action steps
  • Offering guidance on positioning of furniture related to cabling
  • Facilitating internet and phone service cutover
  • Assisting with suite/building cabling planning
  • Coordinating vendor involvement during the move
  • Ensuring backup of all critical data prior to the move of any equipment
  • Tearing down and setting up of all IT equipment
  • Testing of equipment at new location to ensure continuity of operations at the resumption of business

We can assist you with the following types of relocations:

  • Full office relocation to another suite or building
  • Addition of remote offices
  • Expansion or reduction of existing office space
  • Server room or data center location transfer
  • Rearrangement of employees within an office space